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This thesis describes and analyzes the marketing practices of North Dakota motels. The data were obtained principally from a survey of selected North Dakota motels. A mail questionnaire was sent to 150 randomly chosen motel and a 43 per cent return was received. The main topics discussed in the thesis are: organization structure, size gross revenue, facilities, advertising methods, location, and room rate policy.

The most common form of ownership of North Dakota motels was the single proprietorship. As this form of ownership usually limits the amount of capital available, most motels in North Dakota were relatively small. Ninety four per cent of North Dakota motels had 40 units or less. However there is a discernible trend toward larger motel complexes in the state of North Dakota.

The mean advertising expenditures of North Dakota motels were 4.3 per cent of their gross receipts. Road signs and billboards were the medium upon which the most money was spent and were adjudged by respondents as the most effective medium for motels.

Fifty per cent of the North Dakota motels were located on the outskirts of towns. During the period from 1956 to 1968,30 per cent of the total motel construction within the state took place on the interstate highway system.

Room rates of North Dakota motels were determined after consideration of two factors: competition and operating costs. Rates charged by North Dakota motels appeared to be comparable to motel rates in the rest of the nation.