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Master of Science (MS)


Teaching & Learning


This study attempted to analyze and synthesize the opinions of a randomly selected sample of typewriting teachers pertaining to the development of composition skill at the typewriter, in first-year typewriting.

An opinionnaire was mailed to one hundred randomly selected secondary typewriting instructors and of the returns received, seventy- five were usable.

The findings of this study revealed the majority of teachers believed the following about composition at the typewriter:

1. A need exists for standards and guidelines in methodology and for a comprehensive booklet on developing composition skill.

2. A student's typewriting rate (speed and accuracy) affects the amount he will use the skill outside the classroom.

3. When presented immediately after keyboard presentation, composition forces the student to type on the word and phrase level before he is ready to do so.

4. Composition is a good motivational device, it should be a goal of every first-year typewriting course, and it gives the teacher insight into the students' interests, feelings and general attitudes.

5. The most valuable outcomes from composition are it equips the student with the ability to think at the typewriter, it encourages the student to make decisions on his own, and it induces creativity.

The researcher recommends that methodology and grading standards be established and made available to the classroom typewriting teacher. Publication of a comprehensive, easily adaptable composition booklet would also be of value. Composition exercises should be an Integrated part of the typewriting teacher's lesson plans.