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Master of Science (MS)


Kinesiology & Public Health Education


The problem of this study was to measure the effects of three different types of heel structures on the agility and cutting ability of University of North Dakota football players. The three types of heel structures used were regular conical cleats, heel disks and heel bars.

The test used in the study was the Dodging Test from Frederick V. Cozens' General Athletic Ability Test for College Men. It consists of running and dodging or cutting in and out among five hurdles placed at strategic points on five 3-toot lanes.

The subjects tested were the total population of the University of North Dakota football team during the spring of 19&9* These athletes served as their own control. Their test performance while wearing one of the three types of heel structures was the variable in the study.

A null hypothesis, that there is no difference in agility or cutting ability of UND football players while wearing any of the three specific types of heel structures, was tested and accepted at the .01 confidence level by use of a one-way analysis of variance.

The study results indicated that, for 36 UND football players, there was no significant difference in performance of a dodging test while wearing cleats, disks, or bars as heel structures on their shoes.