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Kinesiology & Public Health Education


This study was conducted to determine the high school wrestling weight control programs used throughout the United States. It was felt that this information would be useful for coaches or for high school activities associations that are responsible for determining a state’s weight control program.

The questionnaire technique was used to gather the data. Each, of the fifty state high school activities associations was contacted and forty-five of them responded to the questionnaire. Forty of these state associations supported or controlled wrestling and gave information about their wrestling programs.

Results showed that thirty-five of the forty states had some type of weight control program. Four characteristics made up most of the weight control programs. Weight certification was required by twenty- one states, physician’s weight permit was required by seven states, parent's written approval was required by ten states, and the fifty per cent rule was used in eight states.

Thirty-five of the forty states gave a weight allowance during the season. Sixteen of the twenty-one states with weight certification required this certification before any weight allowance was given.

Sixteen of the twenty-one states with weight certification required that a boy weigh in at his certified weight every time tie wrestled.