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Master of Science (MS)


Kinesiology & Public Health Education


The purpose of this study was to determine the reliability and validity of the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Tennis Skills Test. Thirty-three randomly selected male physical education majors at the University of North Dakota acted as subjects for this study. The reliability was determined by a test-retest procedure. The validity was determined through a series of mini-matches.

Four tennis skills were tested, the serve, the forehand drive, the backhand drive, and the rally. The results of the test-retest were subjected to the Pearson Product Moment Correlation. A reliability coefficient of r=. 94 was proposed for this study.

Three of the skills were determined to be reliable, the serve (.95), the backhand drive (.95), and the rally (.94) as determined by the Wallboard Test. The forehand drive (.93) was below the proposed value.

A validity coefficient value of .83 was calculated on the basis of game play. This value, was slightly below .85, the value proposed for this study.