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The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the events leading up to the Bay of Pigs debacle to determine how a venture so greatly misconceived came to be approved. The study gives attention to the beginnings of the exile brigade in the Eisenhower administration, how the election campaign influenced its growth, and the evolution and commitment in the Kennedy administration.

The procedure involved a review of the historical backgrounds, an objective chronicle of the disaster, and a look at the national and midwest reaction and response. The study is based on accounts written by those who participated in decision making, press interviews with members of the invasion force, and on-the-spot stories as related in books, newspapers, and magazines.

The results emphasize some of the inherent weaknesses of our system of government and how virtually impossible it is to engage in operations of this size and keep them secret in an open society.

In conclusion, Cuba is a dramatic demonstration of the ineptness of United States Latin-American policies or lack of policies; a demonstration also of prevailing American attitudes to any revolutionary change. The concept of trying to impose a right-wing government on Cuba that would immediately be labelled a Yankee creation was completely wrong.