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Master of Arts (MA)


Teaching & Learning


This study aims to ascertain the "effectiveness" and "personal uses" of Notehand.

Students of six classes taught during the years 1962-65 at Bishop Dubourg High School, St. Louis, Missouri, were contacted and requested to complete questionnaires which furnished this data. Of the 149 students invited to participate, 147 replied.

Tabulations were made as replies were received, and an analysis began when 98.6 per cent of the questionnaires were returned.

The findings of the study were converted into tables showing the positive and negative responses to each question for each academic year, and the percentage for all years combined. A sampling of negative, positive, and suggested comments of students also appears.

This survey indicated that 88.7 pre cent of the students replying use Notehand, while 11.3 per cent do not use it.

Based on the findings, the writer concluded that Notehand is meeting the needs of the students. Therefore, it is being taught effectively and is reaching the focal objective, which is: taking meaningful and useful notes. However, there is need to extend the experiences of using Notehand.

Results of this study led the researcher to the following recommendations:

1. Familiarize faculty with objectives and values of a Notehand course.

2. Continue offering the course to juniors and seniors.

3. Offer course to all classmen who desire to pursue a college education.

4. Provide more current topics for notemaking purposes.

5. Engage more lecturers

6. Pilot a "B-track" class for two semesters to enable students to gain more experiences with Notehand and notemaking.

7. Conduct a survey each year.