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Master of Science (MS)


Kinesiology & Public Health Education


The purpose of this study was to investigate the physical education evaluation and grading procedures used in accredited North Dakota senior high schools.

The questionnaire technique was used for obtaining the data. Copies of the questionnaire were mailed to 101 senior high schools, and a return of 76 surveys, or 75 percent, was received.

A brief summary of the findings show:

1. Physical education classes consisted mainly of all boys and all girls. There were very few coeducational classes.

2. Most physical education classes met twice each week.

3. Very few physical education classes use textbooks. Most of the instructors hand out dittoed materials.

4. Most physical education instructors administer self-made physical skill tests to their students.

5. Most of the school personnel participating in the survey do not give written tests in physical education.

6. All of the school personnel returning questionnaires used some type of grading system in their physical education classes.

7. Most of the physical education instructors felt the grades they assigned adequately reflected the objectives of the course.

The following conclusions were made:

1. Physical education instructors strive for improvement in a student's skill level and use it in determining final grades.

2. Instructors are not as concerned about knowledge gained in physical education classes as they should be.

3. Physical education instructors have minimum time allotments in which to have consistently good physical education programs.

The following recommendations were made:

1. Grades should be administered in physical education classes just as they are in any other aspect of the school curriculum.

2. Most physical education instructors need more time, better facilities and more equipment if their programs are to meet ultimate goals.

3. Written examinations should be used to a greater extent so knowledge gained could become more of a determinant in the evaluation process.