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The purpose of this study was to examine the problem of the future roles of the four state colleges in North Dakota. Attention was focused upon the historical antecedents which were germane to changing roles in * the four state colleges in North Dakota. In addition, an overview of imperatives in planning for change reflected the national imperatives for change which are relevant for North Dakota.

The study included an analysis of legislative attitudes toward the . future roles of the four state colleges. These attitudes were delineated by use of a questionnaire. A chi square statistical analysis was applied to the responses which were received from members of the 42nd Legislative Assembly. The analysis was done to determine the present climate of thinking of the political entity toward the future roles of the four state colleges in North Dakota.

The conclusions established from the summary data and statistical analysis indicate:

1. That legislative opinion exists which suggests that alternatives should be planned for the four existing state colleges.

2. That a body of legislative opinion supports the concept of closing some of the state colleges.

One recommendation of this study was:

1. That Minot State College be the only state college in North Dakota to continue in its role in a teacher training function as its primary purpose.

Additional recommendations were concerned with:

1. The development of Dickinson State College as a baccalaureate degree granting institution employing some of the innovative thrusts of the Mitau paradigm.

2. The closing of Mayville State College.

3. The development of Valley City State College as a two-year level institution.

All of the recommendations projected by this study must be viewed in the light of the limitations of this study.