Jack H. Adams

Date of Award


Document Type

Independent Study

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Teaching & Learning


The major purpose of this independent study was to see if there were any implication forthcoming for Vocational Education as we know it today, "because of the new concept of Career Education. In trying to accomplish this purpose, the area of Vocational Education, as well as the new concepts of Career Education, were examined. Both the past and future needs of the students were considered. The immediate and future needs of creating this new concept of Career Education was considered. A group of charts were presented for the purpose of giving anyone considering this new approach, a choice of the many methods that could "be used in creating a program. The study concludes with a short summary of the general accepted objectives of Career Education at the various levels of education. It was also stated that funds would have to be made available from the federal and state government, if this program were to succeed.