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Master of Science (MS)


Communication Sciences & Disorders


The purpose of this study was to determine what school clinicians do to accomplish articulation carryover, the length of time it takes, am. the success of the carryover techniques. Caseloads and dismissal raxes were also investigated.

Thirty North Dakota school speech clinicians at the 1970 North Dakota Speech and Hearing Association Convention were presented a questionnaire survey developed for this study. Information was requested regarding their 1970-71 caseload. Results were tabulated and mean values were computed.

Results of this study indicated that articulation cases accounted for 75.8 percent or three-fourths of the clinician's caseload. It was also noted that articulation carryover methods used by clinicians were limited. Finally, the clinicians reported that on the average, 51 weeks (34 hours) of group therapy were necessary before a child could be dismissed.