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Master of Science (MS)


Chemical Engineering


Chars made from two lignites, a subbituminous coal and a bituminous' coal, were reacted, with COg over a range of temperatures and space times to determine the effect of coal rank on the conversion of COg to CO by the Bouduard reaction. The rank of the coals tested was found to have a definite effect on the conversion of CO^ with the degree of conversion decreasing with increasing rank. Conversion increased with increasing temperature and contact time. Calculation of the heats of formation of the carbon constituents of these coals from the pseudo equilibrium data indicate that the carbon in the lower rank coals is in a more reactive state.

The effects of sodium concentration of the coals on the conversion of CO2 were also studied. Analysis of variance for a two way classification design indicate that the sodium content of the coals is significant. The number of experiments of this type was too small to predict a definite trend in the relationship of conversion to sodium content, butr,,evidence indicates that increased sodium concentration increases conversion.