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Aquatic vascular plants were collected in Walsh, Grand Forks, and Traill Counties, North Dakota, a tier of counties that lie in two physiographic areas; the Red River Valley and Drift Prairie. Collection sites were selected on a geographical basis to include all types of aquatic habitats. A total of 470 collections encompassing 141 species was made during one field season. A sum of 204 species was recorded by the inclusion of records from North Dakota and Minnesota herbaria. Analyses of the 470 collections revealed two species not previously recorded for North Dakota: Carex lenticularis and Ranunculus longirostris. and an extension of range for the following species: Sparganium chloro- carpum, Zannichellia palustris , Sagittaria latifolia, Vallisneria ameri- cana , Glyceria borealis , Alopecurus pratensis , Cyperus erythrorhizos , Eleocharis acicularis , Carex sartwelli, Carex atherodes , Juncus torreyi, Rum ex maritimus , Ceratophyllum demersum , Ranunculus aguatilis , Ranunculus gmelini, Armoracia rusticana , Callitriche verna , Myriophyllum verticillatum . Hippuris vulgaris , Lysimachia hybrida , Lysimachia thyrsi- flora , Asclepias incarnata , Gerardia tenuifolia , Utricularia vulgaris , Lobelia kalmii. Aster junciformis, and Cirsium muticum .