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Blood smears and bona marram smears obtained from sixteen White Leghorn chickens varying in age from five to seventy days after hatching mere stained with Wright's stain, and histological sections of the bone marrow mere stained with Haximow's eosin- azure II stain.

This study of the origin and differentiation of the definitive series of thrombocytes has yielded information that confirms the work of Lucas and Jamroz (19S1) which shows that the thrombocytes are a separate 'series of blood cells that have an origin independent of the origin of all other blood cells.

The earliest identifiable cell of the definitive thrombocyte series is the thromboblast. The stages of differentiation from the thromboblast identified in this study were the early immature thrombocyte, late immature thrombocyte, the young or early mature thrombocyte, the mature thrombocyte and the degenerating thrombocyte.