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Master of Arts (MA)


Art & Design


The title, The Human Female Figure as an Affected Image in Modern Art expresses the principal hypothesis of this study, but definition of terms included in this title is necessary to fully understand my intentions. The image of the human female figure depicted in a work of art is the subject of my concern. How the figure is represented, through various attitudes and appearances, assumed or implied, determines how the viewers interpretation of this image is affected .

Although a clearly defined time period is not critical to this study, Modern Art will be defined as that art falling into a time period beginning in approximately mid-19th century to the present, when art began to free itself from the strict requirements of subject matter. This study will not be a complete survey of all applicable art in this time frame. Through selected works of accomplished artists, and some of my own recent work, I will attempt to explain how Man's concept of the human female figure image in modem art is that of an affected element.