Donley Lytle

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Master of Science (MS)




Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) have been approved for use by pilots in flight operations at many Part 121 air carriers in the United States since 2010. As an automated device replacing paper in the cockpit, there are many human factor issues that relate to operation of the EFB. EFBs have been cited in accidents and incidents worldwide in large, transport category aircraft. While the EFB was not cited as the main cause of the accident/incident, it has been listed as a contributing factor. This study looks at pilot perception related to the safety aspect of the EFB in flight operations at Part 121 carriers in the United States. It surveys pilots that utilize the device in daily, routine flight operations to determine their perception of the EFB. The study is followed with a survey of a small group of pilots to help explain the results and any correlation between the variables.