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Master of Science (MS)


Art & Design


Most graphic arts laboratories in Industrial Arts Teacher Education Programs are equipped with darkroom, process camera and offset printing equipment. The utilization of this equipment for the production of overhead transparencies could update instructional materials for industrial arts courses.

Several processes for producing overhead transparencies were investigated by means of a documentary study of educational and industrial literature. The information gathered was then studied and experimentation was conducted to determine the feasibility of producing single color and multicolor transparencies in the graphic arts laboratory of the Industrial Arts Department.

The results of this study provided the following:

1. Technical information necessary for producing overhead transparencies.

2. A cost comparison between teacher prepared and commercially purchased overhead transparencies.

It was determined that teacher prepared transparencies are of high quality and are less expensive than commercially purchased transparencies.

In conclusions, the production of overhead transparencies in Industrial Arts Teacher Education Programs could enhance course content by giving instructors more flexibility in the selection of visual materials.


Industrial Arts as a UND department no longer exists, so this thesis most likely fits as Art & Design.