Darrel J. Alm

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Political Science & Public Administration


This thesis attempts to show that the constitution of North Dakota, adopted in 1889, is not capable of serving the needs of modern state government.

The debates of the constitutional convention are discussed to show why many of the provisions were incorporated. Proposed constitutional amendments and initiated and referred statutory measures are reviewed to show the type of changes which have been undertaken. The various studies conducted for the purpose of revision are discussed and their recommendations given. The calling of the constitutional convention scheduled for 1972 is also described.

Attempts at revising the constitution of North Dakota have met with limited success. Many of the recommendations set forth by the various study groups are sorely needed to bring the structure and methods of government up to date. The study indicates weaknesses in many sections of the constitution. It concludes by recommending changes in the document to bring it up to date.