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Master of Science (MS)


Kinesiology & Public Health Education


The purpose of this study was to investigate parental attitude in regard to several areas in physical education and athletics in the Harvey High School.

The questionnaire-opinionnaire technique was used for obtaining the data. Copies of the opinionnaire were mailed to l£0 parents, and a return of 111 questionnaires, or 74 percent, was received.

A brief summary of the findings show:

1. Parents believed an adequate job of teaching physical education is being done today.

2. Parents believed their children are receiving a better training in physical education now than when the respondents attended school.

3. Physical education was rated ninth on a list of 17 subjects that the parents considered important for children in high school.

li. Athletics received the highest rating of the extracurricular activities that the parents considered important for children in high school.

5. The parents appeared to be more familiar with the athletic program than the physical-education program.

6. Parents favor having physical education taught in all grades.

The following conclusions and recommendations were made:

1. It appeared the people are convinced that physical education is valuable and necessary, but they lack knowledge of the program.

2. The parents should be informed as to the objectives of the physical-education and athletic programs and the methods being used to achieve the objectives.

3. The physical education program must be administered so the activities offered will provide carry-over value.

h. A good public relations program must exist between the physical education and athletic department and the public.