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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Past research findings on information extraction as a function of locus of control have been conflicting. By using a hidden-word task ■ with each of the twenty items being exposed for one second, this was investigated in a three way analysis of variance design (locus of control by sex by motivation). Hypothesized, but not found, was a significant personality by motivation (instructions) interaction. Furthermore, no significant differences were found between internals and externals, males and females, and high and low motivation conditions.

An attempt at replication and extension of Spjut's (1968) study on incidental learning and locus of control was also made. Counter to expectations, no differences in incidental learning were found across the variables of personality, sex, and motivation.

A rating scale check on the effectiveness of the motivation- inducing instructions was utilized, and a significant motivation effect was found. Interpretation of this, however, was hampered by a lack of homogeneity of within-cell variances.