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Master of Science (MS)


Chemical Engineering


The relative effects of different operating conditions in the reaction of lignite with carbon monoxide and water were studied in £ microautoclave.

A Greco-Latin square experimental, design was employed to test four independent variables at four levels.. Independent variables were reaction temperature, initial.pressure of carbon monoxide, reaction time, and the ratio of water to lignite. The dependent variable was the per cent solubilization of lignite calculated from the amount of residue recovered and initial moisture- and ash- free weight of -lignite charged.

An analysis of variance indicated that at the 99 per cent confidence level only the temperature was significant. At the 95 per cent confidence level, all the four independent variables were significant.

The maximum solubilization was achieved at 460°C reaction temperature, 600 psig initial pressure of carbon monoxide, ratio of water to moisture- and ash- free lignite of 4:1, and at 60 minutes of reaction time.