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Master of Arts (MA)


This thesis topic was basically concerned with two phases. The first phase of the study was to determine the reliability of the Modified AAHPER Fitness Test. The second phase of the study was to determine the validity of this same test. Test administrations were given in a one week period.

The reliability was established by the test-retest method. Thirty-seven subjects participated in two test periods. The validity was established by comparing nineteen subjects' results on a criterion test, to their results on the first administration of the Modified AAHPER Test Items.

All items of the Modified AAHPER Test were found reliable at the .01 level, but only three items (shot put, standing broad jump and the pull-up) were found to have high enough coefficients to be acceptable under certain standards. The pull-up item was not significant at the .01 level in the test for validity. The standing broad jump and 600-yard run-walk were found to have low validity coefficients. This suggests that future tests to validate measures of this kind should measure more closely the same criteria.