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Political Science & Public Administration


Since World War II, the American balance-of-payments situation has presented a multifaceted problem. This study is an attempt to show some of the interrelated and overlapping political, economic, military and diplomatic aspects of this problem. Of the key factors involved, international trade and foreign aid programs have been of primary significance. Proposed solutions, however, have reflected highly diverse opinion on both the national and international levels.

No immediate resolution to the problem has emerged, partly because of the democratic system of government in the United States and partly because of the limited reforms which have been agreed to in the international monetary system. It is not expected that this problem will be solved easily or quickly for two reasons. First, the failure to curb adequately domestic inflation has reduced American competitiveness in world markets, and, secondly, a continuing commitment to the foreign aid program has been made.

Finally, recurring crises in the future are a very real possibility. Given the complexity of the problem, however, careful deliberation and experimentation seem warranted even at the expense of immediate resolution.