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Master of Arts (MA)



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John C. Crawford


This set of introductory materials in Lakota is divided into five main parts. These parts are: I Teacher's Manual, II Language Lessons, III Student Workbook, IV Test Booklet, and V Summary Statement.

The first part, that of the Teacher's Manual, begins with a statement of the objectives and the procedures used in developing the materials and an explanation of the design and the use of these materials. The remainder of the Manual contains a description of the orthography and the sound system, a tentative syntactical description, and a discussion of selected semantic concerns.

The second part consists of five Lessons designed to develop the student's ability to speak, read, and write Lakota. These Lessons, to be presented in sequence, contain oral drills, conversational and narrative materials, and grammatical explanations. Much of the material in the Lessons and in the Workbook is also recorded on the tape which accompanies the written work.

The third and fourth sections include supplementary materials to enhance the basic Lessons. The Student Workbook offers a variety of exercises and drills to expand upon the basic Lesson materials and also provides a format by which the teacher may construct other exercises. The Test Booklet consists of sample tests developed for each Lesson.

The concluding Summary Statement lists several areas in Lakota which demand further investigation and clarification and also states the results of an evaluation of the language materials made by those involved in their use during a course in American Indian Languages at the University of North Dakota.

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