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This thesis analyzes some of the factors that affect the marketing of residential real estate in Southern Alberta. The study was conducted between December 15, 1970 and June 1, 1971 using data obtained from secondary materials provided by individuals involved in the real estate business in the cities of Calgary, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat, and from 65 personal interviews with real estate personnel in these cities. A structured questionnaire was used to gather the primary data.

The premise was drawn in this study that economic, demographic and political factors affect the need for residential real estate in Southern Alberta. Population and household formations, disposable income, construction cost, and mortgage financing were found to be some of Hiese economic and/or demographic factors. Public housing and mortgage financing by the government-controlled Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation were political factors found to affect residential real estate in Southern Alberta.

The real estate agency, the primary institution involved in the negotiation and transfer of residential real estate in Southern Alberta, was examined. It was concluded that the real estate agencies in Calgary, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat have similar characteristics such as: the corporation is the most common type of organization; agencies are generally snail in size; the selling of residential real estate is the principal function of real estate agents; personal selling is their main promotion tool; classified ads and lot signs are the main media used in advertising; and the market approach is the main method used to value single family residential property.