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Master of Science (MS)


Kinesiology & Public Health Education


This study was designed to determine the relationship between academic achievement as measured by the composite score on the Iowa Tests of Educational Development and success of varsity players in football. Success in football was defined as winning 70 percent or more of conference games.

A random sample of one hundred Iowa high schools was used in the study. Letters were sent to administrators of the schools to collect achievement scores for all varsity football letter winners and the conference team record. An average composite score was figured for each team, as was the team percentage of wins. A correlation was then calculated to determine the relationship.

A computer was used to determine the correlation coefficient. That coefficient was found to be -.0079. That figure was not significant and the null hypothesis that there was no relationship between academic achievement and success in football was accepted.

It was concluded that academic achievement scores can not be used as possible predictors for future team success. This study showed that there was no relationship between the two.