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Master of Science (MS)


Kinesiology & Public Health Education


The purpose of this study was to determine whether North Dakota women physical education transfer students could succeed as well, scholastically, as the non-transfer women. Women physical education transfer students were compared before and after changing schools to determine scholastic success.

The subjects were selected by several criteria: (1) graduation with a physical education major; (2) graduation from a North Dakota college or university; (3) graduation between September 1, 1969, and June 11, 1971; (A) graduation from a North Dakota high school; (5) permission granted to review transcripts; (6) transfer from a North Dakota institution with a minimum of forty-five quarter or thirty semester credit hours. The final sample included 28 transfer women physical education students and 66 non-transfer students.

Comparisons were made between the groups as a whole and between sub-groups. The "t" technique was used to test each comparison for significance at the .05 level. There was no difference between the records of transfer and non-transfer women physical education majors. However, there were significant differences between the grade-point averages earned by the women physical education transfer students before and after changing schools. Some of these differences were attributable to: (1) the type of institution attended before changing schools, and (2) the institution from which graduation occurred.

It was concluded that women physical education transfer students were able to succeed scholastically at North Dakota institutions as compared to the non-transfer students. However, transfer women went through a transition after changing schools. The students changed schools l because they expected to be successful scholastically at the new institution. Differences in grading standards were noted between North Dakota institutions.