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The purpose of this thesis is to do exploratory research into the marketing practices in North Dakota of selected property and liability insurance companies. The data obtained is from a combination of the following sources: a) personal interviews with representatives of the selected firms b) a review of pertinent North Dakota insurance literature; and c) an analysis of relevant articles and texts of insurance and marketing information.

Since North Dakota statehood in 1889, when the Office of Commis sioner of Insurance was created, all insurance companies licensed in the State have been regulated by the insurance laws of the State. Within the bounds of these laws, the companies in the property and liability insurance industry may choose to market their products by any of several methods.

Many changes are taking place in the marketing of property and liability insurance in North Dakota. Large-scale enterprises writing multiple-lines of insurance are in vogue. Agents remain as the major channel of distribution but many of their functions are being taken over by the home and branch offices of the companies they represent. As a consequence, commission rates are lower and direct-writing agents are gradually superseding general agents.

Increasing competition for the consumer's dollar is prompting innovation in marketing techniques. Closer contact is being established with the public through Increased advertising and public relations efforts by insurers. Better coverages and expanded services are being marketed at the lowest possible cost. Tremendous opportunities exist in North Dakota for any property and liability insurance company willing to aggressively market their products.