Lyle C. Sorum

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Master of Science (MS)




This thesis describes and analyzes the marketing practices of selected banks in North Dakota. The data were obtained principally from a survey of banks in North Dakota. A mail questionnaire was sent to all banks with over $5,000,000 in deposits and a 73 percent return was received. The main topics discussed in the thesis were: historical development of bank marketing, bank marketing activities, bank marketing planning, bank marketing management, retail and wholesale marketing practices, pricing bank services, budgeting for bank marketing activities and advertising practices of North Dakota banks.

Bank marketing activities include planping, research, advertising, public relations, services design, pricing and selling. These activities have been practiced in various forms and degrees by banks since the conception of banking in the United States.

Stock corporation and independent banks located in the larger cities of North Dakota and that have deposits over $20,000,000 appear to be most knowledgeable about marketing. These banks usually have one person solely responsible for the management of the bank's marketing activities. Only twenty-eight percent of the respondent banks had written marketing plans. In comparison sixty-three percent of the banks budgeted for their marketing effort.

North Dakota banks, in general, placed great importance on advertising as a marketing activity. Most respondent banks ranked newspapers as their most important medium as well as their most effective medium.