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Lois Phillips Hudson, novelist, was born in Jamestown, North Dakota. Her novel, Tine Bones of Plenty, 1962, is the story of n North Dakota family’s struggle to survive against the combined forces of Drought and Depression in the 1930's. Her collection of short narratives, Reapers of the Dust, 1964, restates some of the same details and themes. Many of the stories in the collection are also set in North Dakota. In general, frustration, disappointment and failure characterize the two works.

Ms. Hudson's novel was praised in many major American newspapers. It was discussed by Gordon Webber in The Saturday Review. The novel was also published by William Heineman Limited, London, in 1964. British reviewers found the book praiseworthy.

Reapers of the Dust was favorably reviewed in the Chicago Tribune Books Today, the Denver Post and The Nation.

Aside from reviews, Hudson's work has received little consideration. This fact can be attributed somewhat to a general lack of interest in Midwestern literature. But the fact that she has not published extensively no doubt also helps to explain why her work has not generated critical attention. It is expected that she will publish another novel in the near future. A new book will probably arouse interest from the growing number of scholars who are now concerned with literature of the Midwest.