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Master of Arts (MA)




The study examined the relationship between dependency and acceptance of generalized personality interpretations (both positive and negative). It was hypothesized that (1) positive interpretations would be accepted more readily than negative interpretations by both dependent and independent subjects; (2) independents and dependents would not differ in their acceptance of positive interpretations; and (3) independents would accept negative interpretations less readily than would dependents.

Results from two data analyses based on rating scales showed that positive interpretations were rated as significantly more accurate than negative interpretations. A third analysis based on subjects' open-ended responses revealed no differences between subjects who received the positive interpretations and subjects who received the negative interpretations. Analyses of results failed to show a significant difference between dependents and independents in acceptance of either the positive or the negative interpretations. Results concerning the effect of nature of the interpretations were consistent with previous findings in the area. Implications for future research were discussed.