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Master of Science (MS)



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R.D. LeFever


The Middle Devonian Winnipegosis Formation of the North Dakota Williston Basin contains pinnacle reef structures which have been targeted in the past for hydrocarbon production. These reefs have not been proven to hold economically important primary recoverable reserves, and are now being analyzed for potential CO₂ EOR and storage applications.

During this study multiple sizes of Winnipegosis Formation pinnacle reef geocellular models were constructed utilizing data from North Dakota Winnipegosis pinnacle reefs wells, cores, and thin sections. These models were then simulated for CO₂ injectivity.

Initial results show that Winnipegosis pinnacle reefs smaller than 1.5 miles in diameter are likely not feasible for CO₂ EOR and storage applications. Results for pinnacle reef models 1.5 miles in diameter and greater may hold CO₂ EOR recoverable reserves from 100,000-1,000,000 STB and may have the potential to store upwards of one million tons of CO₂.

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