Date of Award


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Independent Study

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Master of Public Administration (MPA)


Political Science & Public Administration


A telephone survey with a random sample of 317 is used to measure the work attitudes, experiences, and satisfaction levels of North Dakota state employees. These findings are compared to bureaucratic stereotypes and research. The data refute most negative stereotypes about bureaucrats, and support many previous research findings, such as the positive relationships between job satisfaction and income, status, and fulfilled expectations. The data also indicate state employees voted heavily for tax hikes in the Dec. 5, 1989, special election, and that support rose with the income, job status, and education level of employees. Lastly, the survey shows North Dakota state government faces problems regarding employee morale, perceived waste, and public relations. Solutions are suggested, including more non-monetary rewards for employees, public information committees, and establishment of an independent Office of Waste, Abuse, and Fraud.