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Independent Study

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Master of Public Administration (MPA)


Political Science & Public Administration


A telephone survey was used to measure North Dakota state employees' experience with sexual harassment on the job. Survey respondents who reported being sexually harassed were asked an additional set of questions aimed at quantifying the experience, its effects and use of formal remedies. Expectations about survey results were generated from a review of the literature and other survey findings. While many expectations were not supported by the data, several important findings emerged. Specifically, 17.1 percent of all respondents, including 22.9 percent of women respondents and 10.7 percent of all male respondents reported being sexually harassed in state government during the past two years. This finding is significant at the .05 level. Results also show women in the state work force are more likely to be sexually harassed than men. However, a surprisingly large number of male respondents reported being harassed. Interestingly, none of the harassment victims used organizational remedies to deal with the harassment. Data generated by this survey was compared to prominant sexual harassment theories and the results of other scientific research, and a number of recommendations to improve or enhance the use of state policy are made.