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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Counseling Psychology & Community Services


The pui-pose of the current study was to test the effectiveness of a curriculum focused on the prevention and intervention of domestic violence and healthy, nonabusive relationships. A relationship training created by the author was tested in order to assess whether relationship satisfaction was affected by the relationship training, with the expectation that those who have experienced or are experiencing abusive relationships would become more aware of their relationship dissatisfaction. Furthermore, the relationship training was assessed according to the anticipated increase in the experimental group’s knowledge of domestic violence. Pre-test and post-test measures were used to assess relationship satisfaction and knowledge of domestic violence. Instruments included the Questionnaire on Violence in Intimate Relationships, Relationship Assessment Scale, Abusive Behavior Inventory, and The Relationship Awareness Scale. The hypotheses of the study included: 1) Participants who ir'' :ally rate their current or previous relationship as nonabusive will have no change after the relationships training, 2) Participants who initially endorse or report a range of domestic violence will have a significant decrease in relationship satisfaction after the relationship training, and 3) Relationships training will significantly increase the group’s knowledge of abusive behaviors.