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The purpose of this study was to identify any needs patients with renal insufficiency living in a rural/frontier setting may have. A chart review was conducted in a rural health care facility of all patients with diagnostic code 593.9. The following questions were asked: What are the characteristics of the patients in this rural/frontier setting? What is the difference in their levels of renal insufficiency? What risk factors are related to the level of renal insufficiency? In what ways do their risk factors compare with those identified in literature? The results of this study were compared to what is stated in literature about the cause of renal insufficiency. After reviewing the data collected it was found that females were older, more likely to have congestive heart failure, and had higher glomelular filtration rates (GFR) than males at all four time periods. There was a significant decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure and GFR over time. The significant predictors of GFR at Time 1 were younger age, higher systolic blood pressure, lower diastolic blood pressure, and more miles from the clinic. The results demonstrate the need for more aggressive management of hypertension by providers.