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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)




Jean Watson, in the introduction to her book, Nursing: Human Science and Human Care: A Theory of Nursing, states that “A Theory is an imaginative grouping of knowledge, ideas and experience that are represented symbolically and seek to illuminate a given phenomenon. ” (1999, pg.l) The phenomenon in this proposal is nursing care delivery. The symbol of nursing is caring. The question; How does a hospital implement a patient care delivery system that will demonstrate the caring provided by its nurses? This proposal provides a mid-sized urban hospital with a method for implementing a nursing theory into its patient care delivery system.

A review of Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Science and Human Care and its application will be explored as well as a review of Patricia Benner’s Theory of From Novice to Expert: Excellence and Power in Clinical Nursing Practice. Benner’s theory is currently in place at the facility as a model for the nurse mentor and nurse professional growth programs. Review of these theories along with a review of established and new nursing care models will provide the groundwork for preparation of a proposal for implementation.

Implementation participants, should the proposal be accepted, include active hospital teams such as the Patient Care Delivery Team, the Patient Care Charting Task Force and Work Group, the Patient Care Supervisors, and the Nursing Leadership Team, as well as representatives from all of patient care personnel. A Caring Efficacy Scale was administered to nursing staff to determine current personal beliefs regarding caring. A presentation of the results of the literature review and the Caring Efficacy Scale will be provided to the teams, as well as opportunities for discussion, suggestions, and a plan for implementation.