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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)




This study examined parents’ anxiety levels of bringing their children to the operating room (OR) and also explored the choices they have available to them given the facility they are using for services. The extensive literature review explored these issues, resulting in the creation of a teaching brochure designed to give information and options to parents as they bring their child to the operating room. The brochure design and development is thoroughly discussed in the study. The literature review also explored suggested methods to decrease anxiety, including increasing parental knowledge related to the anesthesia process. The anesthesia providers’ responsibilities and thoughts on having parents present at induction of their child is also discussed, including thoughts about informing parents what to expect and providing possible tools to help alleviate their fears and answer questions they may have formulated. The interaction between the anesthesia providers and the parents during the anesthesia process can be very positive or leave the parents with more anxiety when their child disappears behind closed doors. The educational brochure developed assists to decrease parent’s anxiety and make the OR experience less frightening to the child and the parents. This study concludes with recommendations for nursing practice, education, and research and policy development.