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The concept of a healthy workplace environment is one that does not tolerate verbal abusiveness. Recent literature indicates that verbally abusive behavior may cause increased levels of stress, increased probability of errors, and feelings of frustration and powerlessness. Roy's Adaptation Model was used as the conceptual framework. There is a lack of research looking at incidence, frequency, and the impact of verbal abuse with respect to the CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) population. One hundred seventy eight CRNA's from an upper Midwestern state in the United States that were mailed questionnaires, 115 were returned and statistically analyzed for this study. The analysis of the data included frequency distributions and Chi-Square test for independence. Eighty-seven (76%) CRNA's reported experiencing some form of verbal abuse in the past six months of their practice and 67 (77%) respondants reported physician was the most common perpetrator. Over half of the CRNA's who indicated an experience of verbal abuse in the past six months did not officially report any episodes. There was no significant correlation between demographic variables and the reporting of verbal abuse. The study concludes with recommendations for nursing practice, education, and further research.