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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)




Many people have surgical procedures everyday without sufficient knowledge to make a proper informed consent to the different types of anesthesia available. The purpose of this independent study project was to review the different types of regional anesthesia and present them to individuals who will be having surgery, so these individuals can be informed as they give consent to anesthesia. Highlighted positive and negative aspects of both regional and general anesthesia are included along with indications and contraindications of each type of anesthesia.

The information presented is focused on the adult population who will be asked to make consent for themselves or other individuals who need assistance with consent. The information within this project was used to create a brochure filled with information about choosing the proper anesthetic for an individual having a surgical procedure. If the patient is properly informed about the addition of regional anesthesia to the surgical plan, it is believed that there will be better outcomes and more patient satisfaction with fewer complications and less patient anxiety. The study concludes with recommendations for nursing practice, education, further research and policy considerations.