Ryan P. Lyson

Date of Award

January 2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Jared Schlenker


Throughout the years, policies and mandates have influenced education and forced many school districts, administrators, and teachers to change instructional practices, content, and the overall structure of the school day. Accountability is a common theme in education because many school leaders and districts are trying to work within the parameters given by the State of North Dakota in order to meet the requirements for the state standards which are founded on common core, accreditation visits, state-mandated assessments, and teacher-evaluation components. Innovation is a compelling topic in education; however, there has not been much research that focuses on North Dakota

The study’s purpose is to assess if there is an association between educators’ perceptions and experiences when pursuing innovation in education. The overall goal is to determine whether innovative educational practices affect educators’ experiences with and perceptions about teaching in order to further the research on innovation within the pre-kindergarten (PK)-12 schools in the State of North Dakota.

The researcher utilizes a quantitative study to investigate the problem. Results from this study only include educators within the State of North Dakota. With the onset of the worldwide pandemic brought on by the coronavirus, otherwise known as (COVID-19), schools districts across the country are scrambling to develop online learning opportunities for students. Educators are innovating on daily basis. Systematic accountability will be crucial for every district in the United States to evaluate the overall success of the online learning taking place in almost every district. The findings from this research are insightful and shed some light on the overall perceptions and experiences of educators dealing with innovation. Hopefully, the survey provides useful data which can be utilized by both districts and the state regarding innovation.