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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership


The purpose of this study examined the academic level of achievement and social skills curriculum of home schooled children in North Dakota. The researcher surveyed North Dakota home schooling parents. The researcher received 106 completed surveys from participants at a North Dakota home schooling conference and through follow-up communications.

The results of the research indicate the levels of academic achievement of North Dakota home schooled students, how socialization skill development was taught, the percentage of North Dakota home schooled children who continued with post-secondary education, and the reasons home schooled parents are home schooling their children.

North Dakota home schooling students are graduating from home schooling, attending post-secondary institutions, and graduating from post-secondary institutions. The results also indicate that North Dakota home schooling parents include socialization skill development as part of daily activities. Other results indicated that home schooling parents choose commercially developed curriculums more often than religious based curriculums. The results find which skills are being stressed but not how successful the socialization skills are taught. Lastly, the research results identified the reasons North Dakota parents are home schooling their children. Results of the study found that religion and fear of violence were not prominent reasons for North Dakota parents choosing to home school their children, which is contrary to the literature review findings.

The researcher is not able to make any determination of academic achievement because of the limited number of completed surveys.