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Master of Science (MS)


Kinesiology & Public Health Education


This study was conducted to determine the changes in dynamic muscular strength which occurred in the bench press and prone row exercises over a season of wrestling competition. Twenty-six Holstein Community High School wrestlers were the subjects of this study. This non-probability sample was tested in the pre-season, at the pre-Christmas, post-Christmas, and post-season.

A multiple regression analysis and Dunn's Test were used to analyze the results at the .05 level of significance.

Significant gains in the dynamic muscular strength of the wrestlers was evident as measured by the prone row exercise. This increase in strength occurred during a period of intense competition and weight training, and over the course of the whole season. A significant loss occurred during the period of no competition, that is, between the pre- and post-Christmas tests.

The dynamic muscular strength in the bench press showed no significant gains or losses over the period of one season.