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Forty-one species of fish representing 12 families were collected in ®et» 1975, frost the James l i w r basin in Bortli Bakhta smd Sooth Dakota* additional. 18 species and two additional families were reported fey ot’tr estimators* Only three species were present in the headwater region * ®r species appeared downstream in progressive additions to the header assemblage, Some species differed from the general addition pata and showed a localized habitat preference. $11 ration, nutrient i f ^ # > / - 4 ^ .. ;',rvy-vi . ;v 3* low-head dams, and. loss of streamflow are believed to have changed .. <"• yy- /* Sgtj? , , , ' V J »} *' ;j- i , river and affected fish species. Winterkill, conditions under no or flow limited the number of fish e_ecies in the upper portion of the *r. The addition of diverted water to the James River will reduce pers of low flow, and fish species may occupy portions of the upstream ir in which their present, survival is impossible or seasonally limited, se may be transferred to the Red River of the Korth (Hudson Bay drainage mgh the irrigation connection at Oakes, Mcrfch Dakota. Fifteen James *r species do not occur in the Red River of the North.