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Master of Arts (MA)


The purpose of this research was to record the early life and political career of the former Attorney General, Governor, and Senator from North Dakota, William Langer. Due to the magnitude of his career, the study was focused on his youth, his education, his first political campaign and election as Morton County States Attorney, his work as States Attorney, and his campaign and election as Attorney General of North Dakota in 1916.

The procedure involved a detailed study of the first thirty years of Langer's life. This included interviews with three of his sisters, one of his daughters, and the utilization of other contemporary sources. His educational career at the University of North Dakota and at Columbia University, New York, was analysed through the Langer Papers, published materials, and school newspapers and records. His early political career as States Attorney (1915-1916) and his rise to attorney general were revealed through the Langer Papers, newspapers, and various secondary sources.

In conclusion, the study reveals Langer as an ambitious, energetic, and determined young man with an intense desire to attain his goals. Combining his desire with ability, political skill, and diligence, Langer quickly achieved an impressive record and rose to political prominence in North Dakota.