Development and Implementation of an Inquiry-Oriented Mapping Curriculum in the Intermediate Grades

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Doctor of Education (EdD)


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The main purpose of this study was to produce an inquiry-oriented curriculum in map making and map interpretation for the intermediate grades. The curriculum was fully developed on the basis of field testing during a pilot study.

To accomplish this goal, eight classrooms were selected to participate in an inquiry-oriented course in mapping. This pilot study involved nearly 200 students in two one-hour sessions per week for eight weeks. The experimenter conducted all of the teaching activities and kept a detailed journal of observations, updated immediately after each session. Evaluation and modification of activities took place throughout the study. This was possible because there was an opportunity to conduct each activity in an original or modified form eight times.

Two major outcomes of this study were documented. The first was the detailed account of the entire pilot study experience. Included in this were accounts of when significant inquiry and problem solving did or did not occur. Also included was an analysis of the possible causes of success or failure of each activity. More important is the curriculum, "An Inquiry-Oriented Curriculum in Map Making and Map Interpretation for the Intermediate Grades," which was the second major outcome of the study. This curriculum is divided into four sections: A Philosophical Rationale for the Inquiry Approach A Practical Guide to the Use of Inquiry An Annotated List of Suggested Mapping Activities An Annotated List of Mapping Resources: Agencies, Books, and Materials Inquiry through mapping is a useful method for teachers x/no may choose to stress either inquiry technique or mapping skills in their teaching experience.

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