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Master of Arts (MA)




This thesis consists of a translation of Antonio Callado's Reflections of the Ball (Rio de Janeiro: Paz e Terra, 1976) from Portuguese to English, an analysis of some of the problems involved in the translation process with proposed solutions to the specific problems of this work, and a critical analysis of some of the literary aspects of the book.

The following procedure was followed: (1) a first draft translation was made, and a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese was consulted to see if the meaning was retained in the target language at all points; (2) then, the translation was gone over, refining the English style and structure; (3) the second stage was then compared again to the original tc check for consistency in meaning, tone, and style between the original version and the translation; (4) an analysis was made of the linguistic problems of translation and of the literary aspects of the work.

The results were that the translator was introduced to and made aware of the many intricacies in the translation process of a literary work.