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Master of Arts (MA)


Theatre Arts


This analysis addresses the classification of a production of Joe Orton's play Entertaining Mr. Sloane as a comedy. Its intent is to question the classification by considering several factors.

The thesis begins with an introduction, contained in Chapter I. Chapter II applies several concepts of comic theory as conceived by Susanne K. Langer, to the play. The third chapter offers the background of the playwright and the play's past reception by theatre critics. Chapter IV deals with the directing of a production of Entertaining Mr. Sloane, presented at the University of North Dakota in November, 1985. It includes a pre-production analysis of the script, the directorial concept, and a capsulation of the rehearsal process. Chapter V focuses on the evaluation of the production in two parts. First, responses from a select panel on several questions concerning the play are considered. The second part includes the author/director's personal evaluation. A conclusion is offered in Chapter VI.

This thesis contains in the appendices: production log, rehearsal schedule, program, photographs, floor plan, and lighting plot, all pertaining to the University's production of the play.