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The political wrangling over cohauitation law has been an ongoing ordeal in North Dakota politics in recent years. Even more so since there have been multiple failed attempts to have the State’s law panning cohabitation repealed. The purpose of this thesis is to determine attitudes toward cohabitation and its components from a sample of college students. There were a total of 945 participants who took part in the study which called for them to fill out a short survey. The survey consists of three parts.

Pari I includes such items as race, sex, gender, etc. basically demographic data. Part II includes survey items seeking information about current living arrangements. These were especially directed at those who were living in cohabitive relationships / households. Part III consists of a series of eleven Likert statements asking students to rate their attitudes toward the issue cohabitation.

Results indicate that an overall majority of students surveyed did not favor the cohabitation lifestyle in general. However, many did ag, 3 that the number of couples engaging in these types of living arrangements would increase in the coming years despite the law against it.