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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Leadership


The purpose of this study was to examine the perceptions of teacher educators and school leaders regarding various proposed reform recommendations to the field of teacher preparation. School leaders and teacher educators, employed at public institutions in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana were surveyed. Data were analyzed statistically to determine differences in perceptions between groups.

The findings of the study indicate that school leaders and teacher educators agreed more often than not regarding the importance of the various reform recommendations. Among the differences between groups, school leaders favored accountability measures and alignment with K-12 standards while teacher educators preferred advancing teacher education as a university-wide priority and enhancing core curricula for teacher candidates.

In addition, participant perceptions of teacher warranties were also examined. School leaders favored this component of teacher education reform at a level almost twice that of teacher educators. Montana respondents showed the greatest percentage of responses favoring this aspect, followed by North Dakota, and Minnesota.

When asked to provide independent recommendations to enhance the field of teacher preparation, both groups provided similar responses to the open-ended questions. The need for early and sustained observation of research-based practice, faculty engagement in K-12 schools, and enhanced financial support at all leveis were common responses. V ery few of the suggestions provided by respondents were aligned with the published policy reports.

R ecommendations based on the findings of this study include the need for teacher education programs to offer enhanced opportunities for clinical practice, longer internships and improved curriculum. In addition, on-going communication and cooperation between K-12 schools, university programs, and policymakers as to what will ultimately enhance the preparation of teachers must continue. Lastly, more research must be conducted on the benefits and outcomes of teacher warranties as well as on the results of proposed teacher education reforms.